The #IDGAF Generation and Decline of Civilization


“Yo, #IDGAF” (translation: I don’t give a fuck). 

It’s the fadish mantra everyone is simply endorsing these days. Kids as young as ten to adults (the latter attempting to relive their youth through today’s pop culture lingo and desperately trying to remain “kool”) are espousing this message. It’s slang like the above mentioned and others such as YOLO that signify a psychological syndrome of sorts. It’s called refusing to grow up, accept responsibilities, and become active members of society.

Throw on a SnapBack, lace up those Jordans, skip the belt and let the pants hang low, and swagger your existence away to the sounds of Young Thug or Lil’ Wayne. It’s all you have to do to be a part of the KKK (Kool Kids Klub) and our generation is buying it. In short, stupidity sells. Many parents watch this transformation and are taken aback. Just ask any grey haired person their thoughts on kids these days and they’ll simply shake their heads. But this cultural decline isn’t something new. No, the #IDGAF generation isn’t a new form of cultural insanity. It’s rather a byproduct of our parent’s and their parent’s own cultural decline during the Sexual Revolution of free love, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. We’ve just repackaged an ideology without all the hippy bullshit of sitting around and chanting kumbaya. All hail, cultural Marxism.

As a society at large we have turned our backs on traditional values. We’ve spat in the face in the sacred, and fashioned ourselves into our own gods. Young women twerk away their femininity. Young men piss on the values of manhood. Our degeneracy entertains us, we have sick and twisted affair with depravity and narcissism. Accolades are given to men wanting to be women and vice versa, it’s labeled as being brave. It’s all in the name of equality and a falsified idea of human rights. The reality is that “modernity is turning us all into the audience at Kierkegaard’s theatre, applauding the announcement of a fire having broken out, thinking the imminent destruction of Civilization is naught but a well played joke.” – author unknown

In closing, nations rise and fall, and history has shown that societies which reject traditions based on moral and spiritual principles collapse. Ours is no different. A culture that submits itself to upholding and adhering to tradional and moral principles based on the sacred is necessary, such as traditional values between the sexes. These cannot be substituted. The ideologies of Modernity, a do what thou wilt and #IDGAF attitude, have consequences. They are not simply just lifestyles or lingo, but rather they reflect the way in which we relate to one another as human beings and the spiritual state of our souls as individuals and a nation at large.